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How Acura Got into the North American Market

Honda had already been an established automobile car maker in the Asian hemisphere, but it was not until 1986 and at least a decade worth of research and development that they created 60 dealerships across North America that would lead to the birth of Acura.
Acura represented the luxury series of Honda in North America, and they would start this with the Integra and Legend models. Both these models targeted the luxury and high-performance market and became quite successful and increasingly popular. The next model which would be best known and competed in a class that was new for a Japanese market was the Acura NSX.

It would only take Acura four years to take the NSX into the arena alongside well known racing cars, such as the Ferrari and the Porsche. As its name suggests, the New Sports Experimental (NSX) came with a V-6 mid engine that had the power level raised to that of its European counterparts but at a far more affordable cost.

Not everything was a paved road to success for Acura though. While they did get off to a good start with popularity and sales, they started to lose its foothold on the market by the closing of the 1990’s. Many believed that this setback was due to the follow-up of designs that the market was looking for. The car’s image had preceded the developing team’s view of the market. For Acura, their debut into North America was just an approach of rebranding existing Japanese-spec Hondas so that they would be accessible to the new market that was for a time out of their reach.

It would not be until the turn of the 21st century that Acura would once again retake its place in the market and would establish a reputation for Japanese-spec cars for years to come. The world will now get to discover the power and capability that these Japanese companies can bring into the world of racing, and create a respect and following for Japanese branded cars. Even now, many 1990’s models of Acuras are still being sought after by avid tuning enthusiasts.

Nowadays, Acura has again entered a new market by launching a line of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and Crossover Vehicles, and perhaps they will eventually carry on the image of becoming a sought after vehicle in their respective markets as well. With their gained popularity through the use of their vehicles by Grassroots Racing and the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), Acura is now an established brand that is well respected in the western hemisphere.